Yoga:All you need to know about a better way of life.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient philosophy of life and a system of practice that encourages and strengthens the union of body, mind and spirit. The ultimate goal of Yoga is to achieve a state of balance and harmony between body and mind, which will allow us to unite with our Real Self.

Which are the benefits of Yoga?

From the very first lessons, we see many changes both in the body and in the spirit that help to easen our everyday life. From time to time the strength and flexibility of the body will have increased, the quality of sleep will have improved, the concentration will be increased, while correcting the posture and protecting the spine.

Is this workout suitable for me?

Everyone can do Yoga! When you decide to unfold your mattress, age does not matter, but how much you want to change your life. Love your body and your self and put Yoga in your life.

A few words from the Expert…

They often ask me why I do Yoga, why other people should start practicing and what it can do for them. Everyone starts their personal trip and the route will lead them exactly where they have to go. The styles of Yoga are many (Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalilni, Iyengar, Bikram, Anusara, Jivamukti) some styles are dynamic and some more internal but a test lesson – why not from every style – will make even the most demanding students find what really suits them.


My new ecological Hemp Yoga Mat is a special experience. It helps me to balance and its texture constantly gives me new stimuli and possibilities to explore my limits daily.

Anastasia Boutsikaki



Meet our Ambassador

Anastasia Boutsikaki was born in Athens in 1985.

She has been involved in sports since a very young age and took part in championship in the tennis sport!

At the age of 18 she discovered Yoga as a trainee and after 10 years and the birth of her two children decided to train on her favorite hobby.

She attended the Yoga Academy next to Evelyn Zotou and became a certified Yoga teacher worldwide (E-RYT200) and an Aerial Yoga teacher.

Throughout the year, she teaches Yoga at various venues, conducts workshops with broad thematology on her subject and has a permanent collaboration with the women’s magazine “The Body Magazine” of the publishing house Dousis Com.

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