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Guaranteed Safety with the Known Quality of our Company Salachi

Our company Salachi, wishing to provide you with an aerial experience that has no restrictions, has given priority to the issue of safety. In collaboration with CGN TECHNICAL – ENERGY, that has a long lasting experience in the field of construction, we are able to provide you with the suitable components, as well as the expertise support, after a series of testing, so that you feel safe in every single aerial activity. The equipment that is used, is certified, of high quality and it has been chosen after comparison with relevant components.

The aerial, fitness equipment of our company meets all the safety requirements for unlimited freedom of movement and safe aerial yoga, aerial dance/ acrobatics and bungee fitness practice. Although you have the option to set up your equipment on your own with the instructions we provide you through our Youtube channel, those who live in Attica district, can trust your equipment installation (rigging etc) to our partners at CGN Τechinal Company.

After setting up your equipment, it is also important to ensure that you are practising under safe circumstances. Before each practice, please check if the plugs are properly placed and the fabric does not have any degeneration or damage. Aerial practice can be dangerous in case we do not keep the safety requirements, so we always have to practise with caution and consult a doctor before we decide to start aerial fitness. It is important to mention that since there are many and different environments, our company Salachi Defying Gravity cannot give you specific instructions on how to set up your equipment in your personal space, although we provide you with some general installation instructions. In case you live outside the district of Attica and our partners at CGN cannot set up the equipment for you, it is strongly recommended that you hire a professional constructor or a rigger to ensure that your space is suitable for aerial equipment setup, and choose the appropriate tools for safe installation and use.

The company Salachi Defying Gravity is not responsible for any injuries that might occur from false installation or use of the products.

Professional Fitness centres, single clients but also Centres of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Psychotherapy, show their trust to Salachi products. Just choose the color that you like from the great variety of colors in our palette, and leave the safety of your workout and entertainment to us!

Purchase the equipment of your choice and…”fly” with safety!