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Salachi Fabric Quality

The quality of Salachi fabrics is excellent!

The hammocks of Salachi company are completely safe and resistant, made of a special fabric created to bear weight and dynamic load. The fabric is elastic only from one side, more specifically from the breadth, which means that its edges are measurable. Τhis is a very important factor that makes Salachi hammocks stand out, compared to the other ones in the market which are made of lycra with small or great elasticity that make our exercise from challenging and dangerous to impossible.

In Aerial Kids Yoga but also in Aerial Yoga for adults, the elasticity on the length does not help us, since the actual length of the hammock is not specific, because it depends on the weight it holds. In addition, the ideal width of Salachi fabric (2.8M-3.20M) in combination with its elasticity, offers a great variety of positions during our practice, with the most important one, the position of relaxation. To conclude, the fabric is friendly to our skin and it has been tested with kids who have sensitive skin. The color palette is amazing and it triggers kids’ imagination and their love for Aerial Yoga. – Chrisanthi Solomonidou