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“Manta” Relaxing Hammocks

A Manta Relaxing Hammock provides you with moments of relaxation during the day, a pleasant break in your daily routine.

While at home relax and release muscle tension, meditate or close your eyes for a few minutes and give yourself a rest

Install it at your house balcony.Take some fresh air, leave the house chores behind and devote time to yourself. Take a big breath and continue your day with positive feelings and full of energy.

While at work relieve stress and give time to yourself think positive of anything but assignments and tasks. Give your body a break after sitting for hours at your office having a bad posture.

Have a walk at the park, place your hammock and look at the sky. Enjoy reading your favorite book, relax, and make future plans. Set the perfect environment for such beautiful moments.

Take it with you everywhere you go!

A Hammock is a way of relaxation and it can be adjusted everywhere: at home, at the park, on the beach, on the mountain! Especially the Hammocks made of Aerial Yoga fabric by Salachi, become increasingly popular, not only thanks to their unique design but also due to their silky texture. hey are created by light, soft fabric which can be easily transferred everywhere, in the city and in nature. Take your Hammock with you at a beach party, at a picnic at the park or when you go hiking and camping with your friends. You can set it up within a few minutes!

Our hammocks are available in Solid color and Tie Dye.


You can choose between 5 different colors.
The shades are: champagne, emerald green, mint green, navy blue & obsidian black.

Tie Dye

You can choose between 2 styles “Dots” and “Spiral”.
If you dream about a color explosion on your hammock then the “Dots” technique is ideal for you!
If you wish to lose yourself for hours inside your psychedelic “cocoon”, then choose the “Spiral” technique!
These tie dye hammocks are created by hand with a lot of love and care. Each hammock is unique, painted with our dyeing techniques and in different color combinations.A Hammock can be adjusted everywhere: at home, at the park, on the beach, on the mountain!

A “Manta” Relaxing Hammock by Salachi is in fact a mobile bed that, due to its structure, offers the much needed relaxation we all desire while giving great health benefits mainly to individuals who suffer from joints, bones and spinal conditions.

The advantages of the Hammock made of Aerial Yoga fabric, compared to one made of rope or parachute fabric, are significantly more.

To name a few:

Silky texture: It is not painful and does not leave any marks on the skin like common Hammocks do. On the contrary, it consists of an extremely soft fabric that literally “breathes” (100% NYLON 40 DENIER TRICOT).
Stability: It does not flip if you try to stand up or change sides!
Great endurance: Unlike a rope hammock, it does not perish from mold easily. In addition, it has such a great strength that it can actually lift up to 1200kg!
Comfort and ease: It literally hugs our body and offers comfort and support to our back.
Elasticity: Created by special fabric for Aerial Yoga , it has great elasticity that not only offers comfortable sleep and incomparable relaxation moments, but it can easily be converted to fitness equipment for delightful stretching!

The use of Hammock in Touristic Businesses

Are you managing a hotel, eco-touristic business or a beach bar and wish to go beyond the common sunbeds?
“Manta” Relaxing Hammocks by Salachi are ideal for big hotel units, outdoor spaces and around the pool, for eco-touristic businesses that can benefit from its multiple purposes and use it for both relaxation and fitness (Aerial Yoga, Aerial Pilates etc). It is lightweight and folds easily, making its transfer and storage effortless compared to the common sunbed. Last but not least, it is available in affordable prices and with the known quality guarantee of our company Salachi!
One try will do the trick!