The role of the Hammock in Psychotherapy

The fabric used for our hammock is literally hugging our body, offering the feeling of softness but also safety, attributes that enhance the sense of relaxation which is of great importance in the field of Psychotherapy. The Hammock made of Aerial Yoga fabric (100% NYLON 40 DENIER TRICOT) of our company Salachi is also applied in the field of Psychotherapy. A research that has been conducted by 100 psychologists for one year, where each psychologist had one client and were studied two cases. In the first case the session took place at the workplace of the doctor with the use of the “traditional” psychologist chair. In the second case, at the same place, the patient was lying on a hammock. The results showed that 69% of the patients, at the sessions where the hammock was used, felt freed and willing to “open up” to the psychologist, while after the end of the session they felt lighter and relieved. Another research conducted by the University of Illinois, USA that concerned 300 specialists who tried the hypnosis process, by demonstrating periodic movement of the hammock while the patient was lying in it with relaxing background music. The majority of the doctors mentioned that the time needed to reach the hypnosis state compared to the common methods was decreased by 25%. The aforementioned prove that the hammock applies not only to our physical condition improvement but also our mental health.

A few Words from the Experts…

Elina Samara-Psychologist

A hammock works exactly like a cocoon that “hugs” the body and at the same time it gives us the feeling of floating and freedom. The body can let go and relax, drifting the mind. The patient, protected, lying in his own cocoon in his own personal space does not feel exposed nor think how to stand or what to do with his body and what his expressions are. On the contrary he can easily experience his own being, his existence and come in deeper and true contact with his own self.

The Aerial Yoga Hammock of the company Salachi has helped a lot of my clients who suffered from panic attacks- a very usual phenomenon in our days – when our body seems to take over control and the individual loses, even for a moment, the consciousness of his own self and is overwhelmed by the fear that something bad is happening to him. Some of the symptoms in a panic attack are sweating, rapid heart beat and in intense cases, the fear of faint.

To be more specific, some of the symptoms are:

  • Rapid heart beat
  • Hot flashes
  • Nausea
  • Breathlessness
  • Chest pain
  • Headache

In a protected environment such as the one of the hammock, the treated person gets to know his body with my guidance, learns how to breathe properly and be conscious about when his body is in tension or relaxation and of course how to function in both cases. Thus, next time he can have full control of himself and when he receives the false signs he will not fall for them.
Another way I am using the hammocks in Psychotherapy resembles the conscious hypnosis condition. The client dedicates one hour per week solely to himself, when the only thing he has to do is to get in touch with his own being.
He lies, and with my guidance reaches a condition of total relaxation – physically and mentally – and focuses on here and now, on what he is, exactly on this moment. Conscious leaves space for the subconscious to discard everything that needs to be rejected, like situations that either consciously or subconsciously can create stress and “block” the normal function and personal evolution.
I have created a series of meditations that are based on the rejection of false beliefs in all aspects like health, relationships, love and money. In this way the individual subconsciously rejects this kind of “blockings”, therefore is relieved and creates space for something new in his/her life…and the change is coming.

Aggeliki Panagiotopoulou- Psychologist

I am using the hammock for the therapy of adults, applying relaxation and stress management techniques as well as mental depiction exercises. Its use offers a haptic stimulus that surrounds the patient’s body by offering great comfort and tranquility.
n kids psychotherapy the hammock is offered for deep relaxation, mental images and stress management, but also for games, experimenting with their body’s abilities and as a method of concentration and awareness. At Yoga Hugs Special Kids the practice is conducted in groups or individually and the hammock offers a haptic stimulation that can have alleviative results to a child’s neural system. The child can get calmer and isolate from any external stimulus, feel safe and relax more easily. o be more specific, some of the benefits that the Aerial Yoga Salachi Hammock offers are:

  • It contributes to the awareness and concentration – since brain stimulation is required – in order to stand and balance, as well as conduct a certain position
  • It contributes to the movement coordination, since all the limbs need to harmonically synchronize in order to balance in a position on the hammock
  • It can be extremely fun and it offers satisfaction and excitement
  • It strengthens children with low muscle tone
  • It stimulates the vestibular system, since it provides the child with the ability to be placed in various positions
  • It triggers the proprioception

A Hammock works exactly like a cocoon that “hugs” the body and, at the same time, it gives us the feeling of floating and freedom.

Elina Samara

Meet our Ambassador

Elina Samara After graduating from the Psychology Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, did her internship at P.P.S (Program for the Promotion of Self-Help) for individuals addicted to narcotics and she also conducted System Psychotherapy with couples and families for two years. In addition she took a specialization in Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy, deepening her knowledge in panic attacks and stress disorders. She continued her studies as a Clinical Psychologist (ISO) at the Psychiatric Clinic of Papageorgiou Hospital, an experience of great importance in her career. Last but not least, she took her specialization in Gestalt Psychotherapy for three years.

Her love for a holistic life approach led her to further studies on Theta Healing (energy method) and to Life Coaching and Law of Attraction seminars It is worth mentioning that in collaboration with the psychologist Christos Arabatzis, seminars focusing on the Law of Attraction are conducted. Wishing to include Aerial element as a Psychotherapy method, she received further education in Aerial Yoga and is now a certified Aerial Yoga Instructor.

She has been working in the private sector for the last four years whether with visits to her own office or via Skype, with clients from various parts of Greece or abroad. Even though she spent the three first years of her career in Thessaloniki, today you can find her office in the city of Volos.

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In kids psychotherapy, the Hammock is offered for deep relaxation, mental images and stress management, but also for games, experimenting with their body’s abilities and as a method of concentration and awareness.

Aggeliki Panagiotopoulou

Meet our Ambassador

Aggeliki Panagiotopoulou was born and raised in Athens. She is a psychologist with a Master’s degree in Mental Health and also a certified CBT therapist for children and adults. Since 2006 she owns her private office “Psychological Support of Children and Adults”, where she is working on a psychotherapy basis with both youngsters and grown ups. She also conducts conferences for Mental Health issues awareness, addressing to parents, teachers and schools. She has participated in the content of scientific books and researches and has also organized educational seminars, focusing on the methods of premature intervention to dispersed developmental disorders. Along with Christina Matsi, they have established Yoga Hugs Special Kids, where they lead group and individual yoga classes for children with special needs.

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