Yoga Mat Carry Strap


A cotton carry strap for any type and size of yoga mat or other mat, in 7 earthy colours.

Take your mat easily and comfortably anywhere, and head out for your workout in the park, in the mountain, in the beach or in the forest!

Take your Yoga Mat everywhere with you with our 100% cotton carry strap, in 7 colours matching your mat of choice!

Its smooth texture and its length (190cm) make it ideal for use as a Yoga Strap also, for easy and deeper stretching and splits.


  • Material: 100% natural cotton
  • Colours: beige, brown, burgundy, violet, turquoise, light green, mocca
  • Other characteristics: one loop in each end
  • Size: 1,9m length x 3,5cm width
  • Weight: 45g
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The Yoga Mat Carry Strap Salachi is a necessary accessory in order to take your Yoga Mat everywhere with you.

Made from 100% natural cotton, it has two sewed loops in each end, so you can easily assemble it and untie it. Its smooth and skin-friendly texture and its ideal size (190cm) make it useful also as a Yoga Strap, which helps you deepen your stretching and your splits.

It is available in 7 earthy colours: beige, brown, burgundy, violet, turquoise, light green and mocca. Κάθε χρώμα συνδυάζεται αντίστοιχα με τα διαθέσιμα χρώματα των στρωμάτων από κάνναβη Salachi: Nude Beige, Dark Brown, Burgundy, Violet, Turquoise, Moss Green, Black.

Yoga Mat Carry Strap – instructions

1. We hold one of the strap’s ends with one hand, and we open the sewed loops with the other hand.

2. We put one end through the loop, and we pull it until 30-40cm have passed through the loop, creating a circle inside which we will place our mat.

3. Following the same procedure, we do the same thing with the other end.

4. At this point, we should have two loops, one on each eand of our strap.

5. We put our yoga mat through the two loops, and we pull and fasten the strap upwards, tightening its grip.

6. After we have secured and fastened the strap, we can safely transport our Yoga Mat, placing it on our shoulder.


You can wash your carry strap normally either by hand or in the washing machine, using the cotton programme.

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Weight 0.045 kg

Beige, Brown, Burgundy, Violet, Turquoise, Moss Green, Mocca