Swivel Salachi


Swivels allow you to spin 360°.


  • Material: 7075 aluminum
  • Color: black
  • Other characteristics: aircraft aluminum with stainless steel bearing, safety working load 2000lbs
  • Size: 11cm X 5cm
  • Breaking strength: 30KN (3060kg)
  • Weight: 135g

Swivels are rotating rings for your aerial equipment, that allow you to spin 360°. Ιt is an essential piece of hardware for Bungee Fitness, Aerial Sling, Aerial Silks/Acrobatics and Aerial Hoop practices.

Take yours and spin freely!

Swivel use

For the rigging, you will need 2 aluminium safety carabiners or Salachi autolock carabiners, one on each side of the swivel.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg