Prodigy Snake Tape 14m for Aerial Hoop


Prodigy Snake Tape is used for wrapping your Aerial Hoop/Lyra, for a better anti-slip grip, but also for the metal’s protection.

You will need 1 Prodigy Snake Tape roll to wrap your Hoop completely.


  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Other characteristics: zinc oxide-based glue
  • Size: width 3.8 cm, length 14m
  • Colours: Black – Purple – Red
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How to wrap your Aerial Hoop with Prodigy Snake Tape 14m – Instructions

In order to wrap our Aerial Hoop/Lyra with tape, we need one rolls of Prodigy Snake Tape 14m. We always start from the bottom of the Hoop, next to the point which is directly opposite to the mounting point, and we stick the tape with attention in a spiralling way, clockwise, covering with each turn the edge of the previous one. This way we will prevent it from peeling off. When we arrive at the highest point of the Hoop, having covered exactly half of the Hoop with tape, we stop and start again the same process for the other half, starting again from the bottom towards the top. This way, we minimize the wearing of the tape, and we make it harder for the edges to start peeling off, as they are facing downwards, the same way gravity pulls our hand when we are holding the Hoop.

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Tape Colour

Black, Grey, Royal Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Navy Blue, Forrest Green






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