Aerial Yoga Fabric (Navy Blue-5M)


This fabric is used in aerial yoga, aerial pilates, aerial sling, even in aerial dance practices.


  • Material: 100% NYLON 40 DENIER TRICOT 85gsm
  • Other characteristics: low stretch
  • Size: width 2.8M
  • Weight: 1750g (350g/1M)
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5m Hammock made from authentic Aerial Yoga Fabric, known for its extremely silky texture and its porous composition, which enables our body to breathe. It is very wide and its medium stretch is ideal for comfortable and easy practice. It comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

Installation Guide (Aerial Yoga)

The Aerial Yoga Fabric comes with its ends already wrapped with velcro. You will need to unfold it completely for washing and drying. This will help keep it in a good condition over time.

After washing, we wrap the fabric with the aid of one extra person, holding it from its two sides lengthwise. We gather the fabric little by little in our palms, and we stretch it well in order to straighten it. Next, we tie our hammock with one of the ways mentioned below:

How to tie my hammock with ropes

How to tie my hammock directly on the carabiner

The first method has two advantages compared with the second method.
Because of the tying method using ropes, the tying point not only decays less in time, but also the knot requires much less fabric (about 20cm from each end), than the tying method using a carabiner (the knot takes about 60cm from each edge).

Necessary equipment

The Aerial Yoga Fabric is available in our e-shop individually, or as a part of a complete Kit (see also our Aerial Yoga Kit 5m with daisy chains and ropes). We provide the fabric in a variety of colors. We also have ready kits available, which include all the hardware to set up your equipment.

For the installation of your hammock, besides the fabric you will normally need:

  • 1 set of ropes 1,20m. for tying the fabric
  • 2 Salachi Aluminium Safety Carabiners
  • 1 set of daisy chains 1m. or 1 set ropes 2,5m. for adjusting the hammock’s height
  • 1 set ceiling mounts with the necessary concrete plugs (express plugs)

Fabric Care

Because of their material, these types of fabric are sensitive to high temperatures. Wash them by hand or in a washing machine at 30 degrees without fabric softener as it may affect the fabric elasticity.

Ironing and drying in the dryer is forbidden!
Avoid direct exposure to the sun for drying, as this can affect the color of your swing over time – it dries quickly in any shady place.


The Aerial Yoga fabric has been tested on 1270 kg breaking load by our suppliers.

It is very durable and it does not tear apart easily. To avoid any kind of damage to the fabric, we take off any accessories before our practice and in general we do not come in contact with the fabric wearing metal objects: zippers, keys etc. In the very unfortunate event of a damaged fabric, do not try to sew it! It is of great importance to know that one of the fabric’s attributes is that any tearing does not continue, so there will be no damaged stitches.

How much space does and Aerial Yoga Hammock need?

For spaces with up to 3M ceiling

Distance of the hammock center >1.5m from side walls or obstacles
Distance of the hammock center >1.8M from front/back walls
Distance from hammock center to hammock center >>1.5M

Distance between the 2 ceiling mounts: 55-60cm (or your shoulder width)

These distances differ for higher ceilings. Tell us the specifications of the space you plan to install it, in order to advise you on the recommended distance for safe and comfortable use and for the number of hammocks that your space can support.

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