Aerial Yoga Fabric (Daisy White-5M)


This fabric is used in aerial yoga, aerial pilates, aerial sling, even in aerial dance practices.

Advantages: In comparison with the 5M hammock, the 4M one is more economical thanks to its length. In addition, due to its setup style (with daisy loops or rope) not only it is less worn out but eventually it has the exact same size as the 5M hammock.

Enjoy the same benefits in a lower price!!!


  • Material: 100% NYLON 40 DENIER TRICOT 85gsm
  • Other characteristics: low stretch
  • Size: width 2.8M
  • Weight: 1200g (300g/1M)
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Our 5M hammock is made of authentic aerial yoga fabric, known for its silky smooth texture and its breathable consistency It is very wide and its medium stretch is ideal for comfortable and easy practice.

It comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

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