Aerial Dance & Acrobatics Fabric Lilac (Polyester)


This fabric is used in the Aerial Dance-Acrobatics practice.


  • Material: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane
  • Color: lilac
  • Other characteristics: medium – high stretch (12.5%)
  • Size: width 1.50m, length 8m/10m/12m/16m
  • Strength: working load limit: 128Kg, breaking load limit: 10kN
  • Weight: 2Kg
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The Aerial Dance & Acrobatics Fabric by Salachi is a medium – high stretch Aerial Silk 1,50m wide, which comes in standard lengths of 8m, 10m, 12m & 16m. It has a medium – high elasticity, made from 100% polyester, ideal for use as an Aerial Silk.

How do I calculate the length of Aerial Dance & Acrobatics fabric that I need?

To calculate the necessary Aerial Silk length, we measure the height of the ceiling, we multiply it by x2, and we add 2m extra (we need 1m of fabric hanging on the floor for each Aerial Silk leg). E.g. for a ceiling 4m high, we will need at least 3mx2=6m+2m=8m, for a height of 4m we need 4mx2=8m+2m=10m at least etc.

Of course, if necessary we can use a shorter fabric in a higher ceiling using daisy chain, which provides an extra meter, or we can use rope for even higher ceilings.

What kind of equipment do I need to mount my Aerial Dance-Acrobatic Fabric?

The Aerial Dance & Acrobatics Fabric is usually mounted on a Figure8, which keeps the two legs of our Aerial Silk apart at an ideal distance, helping for an easier climb on the fabric while protecting it from wear and tear, especially in the mounting spot. You can see how exactly you tie the Aerial Silk to the Figure8 in this video.

Apart from the Figure8, in order to mount our Aerial Silk on the ceiling, we need at least one aluminium safety carabiner, plus a piece of rope or a daisy chain. If we want our Aerial Silk to be able to spin around 360 degrees, this is accomplished by using a swivel plus one more carabiner. The rope or daisy chain we are going to use can be tied either in a ceiling mount, or on some type of beam (metal, wooden), always after checking thoroughly its durability and stability.

For the set with all the equipment needed to properly hang your Aerial Silk (Figure8, 2x aluminium safety carabiners, swivel, rope 1,2μ., ceiling mount) you can check ourAerial Dance Rigging Kit.

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10M, 12M, 16M, 8M