Pilates: Everything you need to know

“In 10 lessons you start to feel the difference, in 20 others feel it too, in 30 you have a completely new body” – Joseph Hubertus Pilates

What is Pilates?

Pilates is one of the most popular methods of fitness. Born in America it is taught all over the world and focuses on the symmetrical stance of the body, controlling breathing, strengthening the abdomen, stabilizing the spine, pelvis and shoulder. It is an excellent exercise method with visible results.

Which are the benefits of Pilates?

Pilates exercises the body as a whole. This means that in each lesson many muscles work simultaneously to achieve the goal and consequently strengthen the body. hrough the empowerment comes the firming. Pilates improves the balance and flexibility, torso power and significantly improves physical fitness. After a while the practitioner feels and is different.

Is this workout suitable for me?

Pilates is the only workout (along with swimming) that is now recommended by doctors for people of all ages with any musculoskeletal problem. This is because Pilates does not damage the body and can adapt to the needs of every person, regardless of their weight or if they have been trained in the past. In a few words Pilates is for everyone.

A few words from the Expert…

Pilates does no miracles. Of course your body and posture change but that requires effort, perseverance and time. You can not change in a week, but in 10-20 lessons you start to see the change that is impressive. That’s why Pilates is good in all cases and what makes it so unique. Without exaggeration there is no body that does not benefit from its beneficial properties.


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Argiro Kanellopoulou



Meet our Ambassador

Argiro Kanellopoulou has been involved in sports since a very young age and has been a champion of gymnastics since the age of four.

Her talent emerged very quickly as soon as she became a member of the National Instrumental Gymnastics Group and became a Balkan Champion and Champion of Greece in the sport she loves so much.

She is a Physical Education Teacher (PESS) with a specialty in Instrumental Gymnastics and a Pilates Teacher. She has been actively engaged with Pilates for the past 10 years.

She teaches at the Sports Club “Olympic Flame of Acharnon”.

As a coach she gives her best every day trying to impart the true values ​​of sport to young children, and this is proving to be clear as one of her students is already a member of the National Gymnastics Team.

Contact info:
Email: argirokanellopoulou@gmail.com , olympiaki_floga@yahoo.gr
Phone number: +30 697 2595030, +30 210 2447272