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The role of the Hammock in Physiotherapy

The Hammock made of Aerial Yoga fabric (100% NYLON 40 DENIER TRICOT) by Salachi is an effective tool in modern Physiotherapy, especially in the therapy of patients that suffer from various musculoskeletal, respiratory and neurological conditions.
While floating, the patient has the chance to broaden his/her movement in comparison with the common Physiotherapy methods, something that allows them to conduct a mild form of exercise.

A few words from the Expert…

I have met many different conditions in various age groups therefore I constantly search for new methods and approaches that can benefit every single case.
The initial idea of using the hammock made of Aerial Yoga fabric by the company Salachi as a means of Physiotherapy was born as soon as I finished my educational program and conducted my first lessons in Aerial Yoga. From my own personal experience but also from the observation of the significant progress of my practitioners within a short period of time I realized that the hammock can be a very effective tool in the restoration of my patients. Aerial workout offers the patient a sense of lightness to his whole body and as a result it activates movement and a mild form of exercise. Many times during exercise the patients find it challenging even to lie on a horizontal level (floor/bed). The pelvis and hip pain as well as the lack of flexibility in most clients, prevents them from conducting most of the exercises, so they usually get disappointed from the challenge and lose their faith and trust towards the results of the therapy itself. In addition individuals that suffer from chronic conditions or are in severe pain usually feel exhausted, stressed and disappointed. On the contrary through the experience of exercising and Aerial practising the patient realizes the restoration procedure as a game, a pleasant activity, easy, conceivable and directly linked to her/his senses.
The sense of floating can offer them meaningful deep body release and quality relaxation, a fact that is an important psycho-emotional aid in the therapy process.

The benefits and uses of Aerial Hammock in Physiotherapy are multiple:

It offers intense stretching in all desired areas by using the patient’s body weight. Especially in the case of passive stretching which is mandatory in most therapies, the physiotherapist is not able to achieve intense stretching only by using his own body against the client’s. On the contrary with the guidance of the therapist we can achieve the best results within a short period of time and in a very pleasant way.
The use of the fabric along with the state of floating and the lack of stability, make the trainee develop complex kinesiology patterns, since they are using more muscle groups and skills. The synchronized activation of different body parts balance and kinesthesia are the main goals of every therapeutic approach and most importantly, they are succeeded in the most pleasant and delightful way.
Among the methods that are used in a Physiotherapy center with all the machines and electrotherapy, doing something pleasant for a change with a nice feeling and bright colors – practically a fun game – makes the patient forget the negatively charged idea of a hospital, their condition and the pain itself.

I am using the hammock in many cases I observe, in both single exercises or in a whole one-hour session.

Through observation I reached the conclusion that the greatest benefits are seen at:
-Spinal cord conditions (kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis)
-Neurological disorders
-Unequal angle cases
-Plantar deformities, bowleg, flat-feet
-Lumbago, sciatica
-Arthritis (only mild movement and lack of body weight)
-Autoimmune diseases (through balancing the physical and mental imbalance)

The sense of “floating” can offer them meaningful, deep body release and quality relaxation, a fact that is an important psycho - emotional aid in the therapy process.

Christina Anagnostou


Meet our Ambassador

Christina Anagnostou was into sports since a very young age when she started practising gymnastics. She met Yoga during her pre-graduate studies in Fine Art and Sculpture. Her continuous searching for Body and Soul alignment led her to the path of tutoring that inspires Knowledge and Change. Through her education in Yoga and Aerial Yoga, as well as her first experience in teaching, she started the discovery and teaching of self and body love. Later on she wishes to deepen her knowledge in all body functions and their restoration. With further educational seminars in Yoga Therapy and Musculoskeletal Malfunctions, she started working at a Physiotherapy center with main guidance Yoga and Aerial workout on a Hammock. The practice is adjusted according to the needs of each individual and is considered a holistic therapy. For her, Yoga is the way that leads us to our true self, connection with our body, which is in fact our best teacher. After all, a good teacher should always remain a student.

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