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Kids and Aerial Workout

Hammocks are an opportunity in a world that limits a child and its movement. An opportunity of having the freedom to discover its inner world, its body and its own range of movements, while at the same time evolve physically and mentally, following its own rules and its own personal voice. hildren of age three to six years old show a natural inclination, a desire to climb and float. On the one hand they thrive to climb, on the other hand to balance and relax while floating. he swing at a playground is one of the favorite activities of this age but it has restrictions concerning its use. They can only be used in a certain way that limits their imagination and the need to discover every single muscle of their body, every part of it.
Floating on the fabric is ideal for children’s nature and growth. It gives a child the freedom to experiment with its own body and its natural force. The child can use the hammock in order to discover and strengthen its body parts, to move them and to coordinate them seated, floated or lying down. By listening to its personal pace it can release its energy, exercise, relax and get calm, driven from its inner motivation.

After all what is the fabric and aerial arts? A child’s game. And what is a game?

The discovery of my own self and my own limits!

A few words from the Expert…

Aerial Kids Yoga is a combination of Kids Yoga, Partner – Acro Yoga, Music and Movement Education and Dance and it aims at the harmonious balance between the mind, body and spirit.
In Aerial Kids Yoga children get to know their body better and are connected with it, they learn how to breathe properly and how to broaden the ability of thought, imagination and expression. They experiment with their bodies and by discovering their natural force and they learn how to use it properly. By using the special fabric of the Salachi hammock, they acquire movement coordination and improved sense of balance, since movement is experienced with different directions. Children develop their haptic sense and their kinetic skills that are related to the use of their hands. The aerial movements and positions activate their whole body and as a result they strengthen their muscles and joints. Their body becomes strong and flexible and the danger of possible injuries (fracture, wrench) is reduced. They learn safety and self – protection rules, while they enhance their confidence and self-respect and self-discipline.
At the same time Aerial Kids Yoga plays a crucial role in the restoration of learning challenges, difficulty in concentration and expression, even in mental weaknesses, since it provides an ideal environment of creation and expression to the child. The “happy” hormones that are released through reversed positions improve their mood and mentally enhance a youngster. Anxiety and stress levels are reduced, while the levels of memory and concentration are increased. Reflexes and vigilance are improved and fears are militated.

Kids Aerial Yoga


Children spontaneously and almost naturally interact with the hammock,which resembles to a playground swing. Salachi Aerial Yoga special fabric gives them the opportunity to float, climb, balance, reverse, rotate, dance and be transformed. While enjoying the lack of gravity, they exercise and have flying!

Chrisanthi Solomonidou

Kids Aerial Yoga

Kids Aerial Yoga

Meet our Ambassador

Chrysanthi Solomonidou has studied Science of Psychology at the department of Philosophy – Pedagogy and Psychology of the Philosophical School of the University of Ioannina.

Her love for aerial workout and Yoga led her to further studies on Kids Yoga & Aerial Kids Yoga TT (90H), at the School GARUDA PLAYS & FLIES and on Aerial Yoga TT (60H), at the School AERIALIFE.
Today she collaborates with known studios in Athens: Pada Yoga as a Kids Yoga & Aerial Kids Yoga, Aerial Dance and Aerial Acrobatics instructor, at Pano Skilos as Kids Yoga and Aerial Yoga Instructor but also as a school teacher, aiming at the study, creative activity and management of learning difficulties of Primary and Secondary school students.

She took part in conferences focusing on: “Grief: Therapeutic procedure”, “Cognitive therapy of depression”, under the aegis of NEW YORK COLLEGE EURO – AMERICAN EDUCATION in Athens, “Childhood & Adolescence issues management” from the Counseling Station of Fight Against Drugs in collaboration with the General Hospital of Ioannina Hatzikosta at Ioannina, as well as the Second Panhellenic Science Conference with the project ‘General Hospital, Society and Psychiatry” at Ioannina. As she says: ‘My choice to include my educational training in Kids Yoga enriches my pedagogical tools, which bring the result of a creative combination”

Nursery Centre “Protovadismata” (Firststeps)

Protovadismata is a newly built, modern, contemporary and fully equipped nursery center that accommodates infants from 6 months old to preschool children 6 years old. Our educational program is based on empathy, free creativity, on showing respect and trust to our kid and its abilities, on the freedom of movement and expression, on the experiential way of learning and on learning achievements through playing and art. In our beautiful premises children gather and exchange ideas. A huge inspiration to our educational work is the pedagogy and philosophy of Maria Montessori. Our main goal is to provide high quality services to our students and to their parents. Our basic principle is to create an open space with the active participation of the parents in their children daily life, to provide personalized services and support every child solely and individually.
A central part of our educational work with children is the knowledge we have around kids and childhood but also observation, as a scientific tool and as a method. e observe in order to notice the true interests of a child, we are trained to see the small details that will lead us to the point.We will not see it superficially but we will focus on what really matters. With deep consciousness and sensitivity towards youngsters we correspond to the real needs of their growth.

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