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Aerial Yoga is a great way of exercise for children. Unlike more conventional training methods, Aerial Yoga combines play with exercise, offers smiles and endless hours of fun, leaving children to the beneficial properties of the hammock.


At the same time, with their every move in it, they exercise their entire body. From the handles of the hands and arms, to the entire torso. Unconsciously, while playing and swinging, they begin to experiment with new poses and techniques – their own creations for the most part – or try to reproduce and imitate the older ones by achieving amazing results.

Let’s remember our childhood a little bit!

We all had the incredible ability to learn quickly, to “absorb like a sponge” and to “own” everything. As we learned in a magical way to bike on two wheels in a very short period of time, so in Aerial Yoga the children become “experts” after the first hovers and quite simply… They don’t stop!

How many times have we not been to a friends’ house on a Saturday morning, with parents, children and their classmates, where a hammock hangs from the ceiling and becomes the center of attention for play, laughter, pose contests, and of course… Cause for fighting. “My turn now, you’ve done a lot, I’m doing it better” and stuff like that. An incredibly interactive occupation, an endless game. With winners all. Panting, giggles, smiles, sweat, heartbeats, all at once.

On the scientific aspect, Aerial Yoga helps children in self-confidence, contact with their body, and above all muscle strengthening; children see an immediate improvement in their balance, breathing control, and acrobatic abilities.

As we mentioned before, the mind has a memory and – especially in childhood – makes rapid leaps forward. Combined with a direction from someone who is in the mood to devote some quality time to their child, exercise turns into game and the game turns into exercise!

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