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Chill in your Relaxing Hammock by Salachi and enjoy!

Beach, pool, park or mountain can be the perfect destination for you to install your Relaxing Hammock, quick and easy, in a few minutes! Enjoy the landscape and take a rejuvenating deep breath! Relax and live the moment in our extra fine fabrics.

Our company Salachiembraces and goes after a chill way of life through its products and especially through its unique Manta Relaxing Hammocks, suitable for outdoor and indoor use. A Manta Relaxing Hammock can provide the absolute experience of relaxation throughout the day and can also be a cheerful breathing space in your everyday routine or during your vacation.

At the same time, you can adjust the use of your Relaxing Hammock to accommodate your needs. That means that our safe fabrics can be used for stretching, TRX-style workout, office exercises and some basic practices of Aerial Yoga.

The Relaxing Hammock by Salachi is created from a breathable and silky quality of fabric that is also used for Aerial Yoga (100% Nylon Low Stretch). It can be washed and dried easily and instantly. Its size (2.8m x 3m) and its ability to adjust its length makes it the ideal choice for you to experience special moments of relaxation or even sleep. In twelve colours but also a variety of handmade tie-dye styles, your hammocks will give an exceptional aesthetic to your space and also will definitely fill you with positiveness and cheerfulness.

So, if you want to include relaxation in your lifestyle and achieve physical and mental health, the first thing that you need to do is to have your own transportable Manta Hammock. Our secret tip is to take your hammock with you everywhere!
Try it out and you‘ll see for yourself!

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