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Aerial Yoga: Everything you need to know

What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Yoga is a form of exercise that combines the common positions (asanas) of Yoga, with the body strengthening that Aerial sports offer, meaning the off-the-ground exercise, since the individual is on a hammock. The schools of Aerial Yoga are: Classic (yoga and acrobatics combination), Antigravity (mainly focuses on acrobatic exercises) and Unnata Aerial Yoga (we use a hammock but we focus on the elements of Yoga).

Which are the benefits of Aerial Yoga?

Aerial, as a form of exercise, has many benefits for the human organism, both in physical and mental level. Some of these are: To name a few:

Muscle strengthening

Core strengthening

Body Conditioning

Decompression of the vertebra and full stretch of the spinal cord

Muscle pain relief

Better brain oxygenation

Improved heart function

Hormonal system control

Activation of proprioception, the ability of our central neural network to bring our various body parts in alignment, in collocation with the space and our movement in it

Wellness and Confidence, thanks to the sense of freedom that aerial exercise and its challenges offer

Is this workout suitable for me?

This particular form of workout is for everyone, without the need of previous experience with Yoga or Aerial workout. However, Aerial Yoga is contraindicated for individuals with high blood pressure or glaucoma, pregnant women and for those who recently had a surgery.

A few words from the Expert…

Combining the ancient and well-established Yoga techniques with the fun and physical strengthening from Aerial Acrobatic techniques, the result is … Aerial Yoga! Aerial Yoga is a new type of exercise using a special fabric in the form of a hammock, designed to help the practitioner, physically and spiritually, using the lack of gravity as an ally in strengthening and fun!
Truth is, that the sense of swinging was tested several years ago by the Great Master of Yoga, B.K.S Iyengar, who supported the benefits of decompression of the spine, posture improvement, treating body areas that are difficult to extend on the ground or at a standing position.
In an Aerial Yoga class, exercises are performed on a special fabric – hammock, which is made to support heavy weights and follow trends. The qualified Aerial Yoga instructor, guides a lesson, which includes strengthening exercises, standing poses, inversions, rotations, acrobatics and finally stretching and deep relaxation inside the hammocks, which allows the mind to relax… in a bouncy universe!

The exercises are performed on a special fabric - hammock and include strengthening exercises, standing poses, inversions, rotations, acrobatics and finally stretching and deep relaxation inside the hammocks, which allows the mind to relax... in a bouncy universe!

Maria Maganari



Meet our Ambassador

Maria Maganari has been teaching Aerial Yoga since 2012, almost since its first “appearance” in Greece, inspired and guided by the pioneer Tanya Popovic.

At her schools (Siddhi Yoga Shala/ Pano Skilos*) and in the Educational Programs she instructs (AeriaLife The Teacher Training/AeriaLife LevelUp -with her colleague Giannis Karvelis and Garuda Flies- Kids Aerial Yoga*), the trainee will find the way to “lift” his/her practice by turning it into a game. As a child without even considering it a workout knows how to “fly”, roll, conduct acrobatics, so the Aerial Yoga student will experiment and get in touch with his/her inner child.
In the aerial game, there are no winners.

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