Aerial Sling: Everything you need to know

What is Aerial Sling?

Aerial Sling belongs to the broader family of Aerial Arts and according to its name it is, in fact, a swing made of fabric. This swing works as a Hammock in which we get in in order to conduct various positions and tricks.

Salachi Aerial Slings are made of fabric used in Aerial Yoga (100% NYLON 40 DENIER TRICOT) which is known for its “silky” texture, its elasticity and its resistance, helping us in this way to perform tricks similar to Trapeze and – from a certain height – to those of Aerial Silks.

Which are the benefits of Aerial Sling?

The benefits of Aerial Sling do not only concern our good physical condition, that is achieved through this particular kind of exercise, but also apply to our mental wellness.

The more we practice, the more flexible and strong our body becomes by achieving excellent physical condition. In addition, due to the level of difficulty in many tricks, managing to conduct them enhances the feeling of confidence and respect to our abilities, while we also learn how to express ourselves artistically as “flying” dancers and not just trainees.

Is this workout suitable for me?

Everyone can join an Aerial Sling lesson, since there are beginner classes in many studios/gyms, where someone can learn the basics and get familiar with the fabric and height. It is ideal for those who are new to the world of Aerial Arts and, thanks to its structure, it offers support without the presence of technique and strength (on contrary to Aerial Silks).

A few words from the Expert…

“Aerial Sling-Hammock or Swing, belongs to the category of aerial acrobatics and it is deeply influenced by Trapeze, an aerial art form broadly known from old times in the field of Circus arts. The uses of this swing-shaped fabric are now numerous, since we meet it in Aerial Yoga, in Acrobatic Arts and also in Aerial Dance. Aerial Sling can vary from static to rotating and its difference to Aerial Yoga is that under ideal circumstances a certain height is required for the performance of acts and drops. It is an accessible aerial art form to the majority of people, since the fabric is naturally “hugging” our body. On the other hand, the practice of these exercises, strengthens our body (especially our core) and improves our flexibility”.

Τhe uses of this swing-shaped fabric are now numerous, since we meet it in Aerial Yoga, in Acrobatic Arts and also in Aerial Dance.

Eva Spyrou

Αerial Sling

Meet our Ambassador

Eva Spyrou, starting from her studies in social work (social worker), soon continued on with her education in the field of Yoga and Inner Philosophy, taught by Giannis Andrianatos (rhetoric circle), attending Yoga, Meditation and Rhetoric classes. As a restless spirit and with a constant drive to obtain deep knowledge, she moved to the next chapter with Anna Zorzou and her educational program, Yogaworks. She received training in Thai Yoga Massage and Αyurvedic mollification at the Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She continued on with her studies in programs such as Aerial Kids, Aerial Yoga Beginner and Aerial Yoga Advanced, while at the same time she continues her active participation in other forms of aerial arts, like Pole Dance and Aerial Hoop. Last but not least, she has attended educational programs in Gymnastics Training and Handstand with Argiro Kanellopoulou.

The official presentation of her work on Yoga and Partner Yoga Acrobatics, in collaboration with her team, took place at the International Martial Arts Festival, which was part of the 18th Worldwide Martial Arts Conference, conducted at the Olympic Stadium of Galatsi and under the aegis of the Hellenic Ministry of Tourism.

Today, she is an active tutor and seminar rapporteur, focusing on Yoga and Aerial Dance (Hammock Sling).

She teaches at her own space, Vertical Arts, as well as at Aerial Fusion in Maroussi and at the Olympic Flame of Aharnes.

As she mentions herself, concerning the art of Aerial Dance:

“Major part of our inner dynamic can be expressed and cured through Aerial Dance and movement. It is as if we connect various parts of a puzzle, in order to compose our own self. A composition that leads to the creation of art.”

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